Our 2011 Homeschool Space

Happy Monday to you all....the children and I have Vacation Bible School all week..I am teaching, they are all attending...so we are busy busy busy...also trying to wrap my head around our Florida trip at the end of the week and we are hosting a Backyard Campout on Friday evening...so blogging will be quick this week....side note: so bummed my Nikon camera broke and was sent back....the digital just isn't the same 8(  

In keeping up with the "Not" Back to School Spirit...I am joining others at the Not Back to School Blog Hop over at Heart of the Matter....here is what I have done so far with our school room...

hubby made me this LONG shelf last year...LOVE IT

Our new morning board....calendar, weather and days in school...laminated it so we 
can use our white board markers...

Jolanthe over at Homeschool Creations has awesome Bulletin board ideas...I borrowed some...

My 'desk" rolling cart...tucks in the corner when we are not in school..

Organization is the key in our school...

Our dining table doubles as our school table.

Playroom/imagination area

Kids have easy access to lapbooks, flashcards and more..

Our Art gallery wall. I have removed a few frames to make room for new 
works of art! 

Not Back to School Blog Hop


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