Some of our favorite learning toys....

In prep for our new school year starting up in a few weeks, I cleaned the school room/playroom "BIG TIME" and shifted a few things around.   I wanted to share with you some of the toys WE use for TEACHING that I highly recommend. Trying to bring out the toys w/out batteries!

These are called Magna Tiles and we LOVE THEM!  They are great for all ages
and you can do so many things with them. I will admit they are pricey, but 
I feel worth every penny. 

A great set of wooden blocks can work wonders. Zachary built this 
today. The assignment: build something taller than he is using as many blocks
as he could...he had 3 remaining when all was said and done. ALL the "kids" (that
includes me and the hubby) love playing with these.  Again, a little pricey, but worth it!

Ok so not a toy but a great asset to any school room or playroom!  This one is from IKEA
and I love it!  White board on 1 side, chalk on the other and the paper roll in the
middle. Not pricey at all!  - Less than $ 20!

These are all essential in our game area!  Tinkertoys (classic, must have), Anything Leap Frog (IMO) Floor Puzzles and ZINGO. If you are not familiar with ZINGO, it is truly fun for all ages. It's BINGO with a ZING...even my 2 yr old plays it without a problem.

So besides the usual arts and craft supplies...these are tools we use for school...

What do you find essential to your schoolroom for interactive play?


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