Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday to you all!  Busy week at VBS, getting ready for our backyard campout tomorrow and leaving for Disney on Sunday....SO I am thankful for so, right now, for the cooler weather and  weather to come for tomorrow's campout!  The moon will be 1 day away from being full and the night should be perfect for camping!  

This yard will be filled with tents and friends in less than 2 days!

What are you thankful for?


Lisa M. said…
After all the blogs I've been reading lately of families dealing with childhood diseases and cancer, I'm thankful for my two very healthy, if very rambunctious, little boys.

And thankful for the opportunity for us to homeschool and keep their precious little minds as innocent as we can for as long as possible.
Diane said…
Life. Family. Friends. Health. Freedom. Gospel. Comfort. I only have to turn on the news to come up with a whole list. Thank you for encouraging me to 'count my blessings'!

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