Thankful Thursday

Yesterday was just a superb day of weather in our neck of the NY woods. The kids and I went on a little nature hike around the woods on our property. The assignment was to find anything that reminded them that Fall was is what they asked me to photograph..

This shot is looking up towards our home from the end of our driveway

Very thankful we have such beautiful property to hike around!

What are you looking forward to for the Fall season?


Just found your blog and I really like it:) What a fun avtivity!

Where in NY are you located? My family and I spent some time in Watertown a few years back, we are currintly in the Pacific Northwest. I am so excited to be here for the fall, my guess is that it is gorgeous here! We spend a good deal of time outside hiking and exploring, it amazes me that we can hike through the mountains and come out at the ocean!

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