What a busy week!

EDITED THIS POST at 5:25 PM - I just came across this blog post by a friend and I recommend reading it to ANYONE! http://kronosmatters.livejournal.com/2011/02/28/

It's been one busy week...started on Monday with our Carnival for a Cause which was exceptional....Tuesday we had our homeschooling time with our American History friends....Wednesday stayed in and worked on September back to school plans, Vacation Bible School (which is next week) and Disney plans...today took the kids to The Dollar Tree to spend the $ 10 GC that their Bubby gave them to buy some fun things for the long car ride to Florida....now I am working on our Backyard Campout which we are hosting a week from tomorrow........busy busy busy....sneaking school in here and there...
(FYI - my dad is home from the hospital - thanks for the prayers)

"Look Mom..for you..."  Thanks Sammie

copping a squat on the floor of the Dollar Tree counting out
their items...each could buy 9 items with $ 1 left over for tax...

They checked out all themselves with their card and their fabric bags...

I was able to find a TON of Disney stuff there to bring with us....whenever they
ask for one of the high overpriced Disney Princess or Cars items..I can pull out 
something I purchased and make my budget happy! 


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