Apple Stamping - EZ Craft for kids

Another craft we did this week (fun for all ages...)

What you need:  paint, paper and apples

Cut up 2 apples 
1 should be cut in half from up and down
the other cut in half on it's side...(so you have the star of the apple showing)

Each child should have a paper plate or something to put their paint on but big enough to dip the apple (stamp) in. Then they press it on the paper...EZ

Zachary made a worm in the middle of the page with apples surrounding it.

Apple 1/2's are big enough for the littlest hands!

Molly is so careful with

Messy? Yes...Fun!

Linking up to Beneath the Rowan Tree for their Playdate Party!


Anonymous said…
Very fun! We have this planned during our Fall theme week :-)
Krissy W. said…
It's definitely that time of year for lots of apples :-) It's "Fall Week" at EJ's preschool and this was the art project yesterday. So cute! Love how neat Molly was being :-)

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