EZ Fall Wreath & Tutorial

I had exactly 20 mins to spare this morning and had this project sitting in my Dollar Tree bag for a while...It costs $ 3 to make!

1 foam circle, 2 bags of Reindeer Moss (it's not soo dry)
scrap burlap or any ribbon
glue gun
pumpkin pick

Used my glue gun to glue the moss all around, and inside (not the back)

Put a piece of burlap around it for a ribbon

Pulled a pumpkin off of another decoration that was getting
old and not so nice looking...glued it in the middle!

It hangs in our hallway in my frame that is changed out for seasons!

Took 20 mins and $ 3.00!


Krissy W. said…
I absolutely love this!!! Gorgeous!!!
Anonymous said…
Cute!! Love it :-)
Jamie said…
You know what Mama M~
to do an easy swap out for Christmas just replace the pumpkin with bells or an BIG ornament.I gotta remember this for my trip into town FRIDAY.
thanks and lots of love
Rebecca said…
Oh....ok, I think I can do that....now, just to go purchase everything to make it!
WOW, 20 minutes! Love the wreath!

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