Fall Decor & some FREE printables

So today it is almost 80 degrees and by Friday we will barely hit 68 here in NY...crazy weather for sure!  Sure to be int he low 40's at night!  I LOVE IT!  I had to get some Fall decor up at the house (the mantel mostly) so IF we have a fire in the fireplace it will feel warm and cozy...(something about having a fire in the fireplace with seashells on the mantel just does not seem right)

I could not ask my hubby to go into the attic (90 degrees for sure up there) and hunt for my Fall boxes of decor, SO I took a quick trip to the Dollar Tree and found a few items to help me out...

First thing I did was change out my candles from white and lighter colors, to the darker browns and oranges...then changed out my picture that sits as the focal point on the mantel...from there it was easy work around (and inexpensive too)

Easy Fall look - 2 bags of Dollar Tree Candy Corn in a glass jar
with a few other things thrown in...

Little pumpkin was already filled up (yes the Dollar Tree) and 
bought a Pumpkin Spice Dollar Tree candle too to replace
my white one!

The Fall Printable in the frame can be found HERE FOR FREE!

Little glittery pumpkin

Not a HUGE lover of artificial flowers, but once in a while
you need that POP of color you just cant find at your 
local store...

Just have to dress up my Ball Jars for Fall...
using a battery operated candle in there

Added a few fall artificial flowers into my Summer wreath
 (until my scarecrow, Floyd comes out of his box)

The cutest ceramic painted pumpkin...love this!

There you have it...$ 10 for candles, artificial flowers,
candy corn and a few pumpkins...

More FREE Fall Printables that you will love!

I will be getting out my boxes and boxes of Fall, Autumn and Halloween decor in the next few weeks!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for a Fall Apple Book giveaway!


I love the candy corn idea! Mind if I copy? :-)
Pat said…
I love your ideas and can't wait to go to Dollar tree....and the free printable is perfect. I will be coming back here often, I love your site.
melismama said…
Sure Jacinda - copy away! 8)

Pat - thanks...invite you back whenever you want! 8)
Jess said…
We love, love, love the dollar tree around here. What great finds! We are having the same crazy weather here in NJ but I just can't let go of summer just yet :)
Everything looks so cute!! I'm so glad you liked my printable- it looks perfect here :) I'm sharing this on my FB page!!
Honest Mommy said…
looks great...as it always does:) you ROCK!!
Bird said…
Thansk you for the love my lovely! :)

The candy corn idea! Wish I had dollar tree here.. We do have thrifty stores but nothing like that! ;)

Big hugs, my sweet!
Heather Ward said…
Love the use of candy corn...I did the same w/ a white candle. Love the printable!

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