Is this from outer space?

Such a sunny day
Walking around the yard
we found these...
YUK were the 1st words
we all said..
Gross I think I heard a few times
Sticky, long
Not something I like growing around 
my roses...

(yes I do know what some of you are thinking, shame on you...LOL)

This, my friends, is the Stinkhorn mushroom
Yes they smell
Yes they are ugly
Enough said about that!

This morning we had to venture out and find an alternative route to Molly's 
Ballet class tomorrow. We had heard that the main road we usually take
is still closed from the flooding and Irene STILL! 

Came across this sign on 4 different roads this morning!

Finally found an alternate route so we will be all set for the start of 
the ballet season tomorrow!

Stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things
they had on a great sale this week since we were out that way

School today!

Molly started a new Kumon Workbook - LOVE KUMON!

Sammie worked on her apple sorting game (from Mailbox magazine)
We all started an Apple Unit this week!

Read this great book - Look for a giveaway on Thursday to win your own!

Little Scholastic Fun today with apples!

Scholastic also has on line videos that coordinate with their In the Classroom

Started our health unit about eating right and being fit. 
Zachary has a Spongebob Workbook and Molly has a Dora workbook
The great thing is that they are both the same subjects just different 

Little Random Lego

Don't forget Friday'0 (until Thanksgiving) s is our Fall Friday Recipe exchange link up!  
Check out last weeks' HERE!

Enjoy your day everyone!

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