More Fall Budget Decor

Had 20 mins (again) today to get a few other quick projects done...

Cute decor for the kids room - 

I took an old shoe back (that I never used), a box and a stencil from a silhouette
that I cut out for another decoration (ordinarily I throw these out)
EZ  - no cost

This project - wanted to get that Fall feel to some of my candles - all I did was use some dried beans and another type or ornamental decoration (not sure what they are really)...put them into my Willow House Hurricane Candle Holder and put another candle inside (in another glass vase)...There you have it...this will be
real cute at night all lite up on the deck - maybe with some pumpkins around it...Again - No Cost to me.. 

I encourage you to look around your home and see what you can cost is nice!


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