Outdoor Fall Decorating - tight budget

After school we took a ride to find some pumpkins, mums and cornstalks.  I was on a mission to decorate a little outside.  I remembered a little house/farm that had a stand by the road...we went there....I gave myself a $ 40 budget to decorate outside. 

Could I do it?  Yes I can! (the words of Bob the Builder)

Love love love that the honor system is still alive and well in our community!

Prices were good.

I let the kids pick out which one they wanted to from the 3 for $ 5 selection.

Lots of pretty Gourdes

Inside the little shack there were veggies for sale.

Some friends greeted us at the fence.

"You want a piece of me.."  It was a momma and her baby.
..the baby was nursing when we 1st pulled up.

This was the 2nd stand we found...Mums $ 4 per plant!  Oh yeah!

The results back home....

$ 40 spent to the penny....I am happy!

I will be incorporating some candles in this arrangement soon!


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