School, floods and a b'day party

Once again our little town is hit with flooding.   On our way over to a b'day party at our local gym, I took a few shots quickly as I drove...

This is water rushing out of several manhole covers...all over town...

School today:

Back to our Scholastic work...we LOVE THEM!

Sammie worked on match up from the Wizard of Oz Printables over at

Molly working on her numbers - two was giving her a hard time today.

More glue work for Sammie

Computer time

A little Lego Education Challenge work today for Zachary.

Our boards are filled up with completed work already...

Second book this week for Zachary...he finished one in 2 days (10 chapters)
and on to his 2nd - goal was 1 book per week..he is already exceeding that goal.

A few pics from the party at the Gym today...

I was so proud how Sammie followed directions and listened to the "coach".

Birthday boy is in red.

She is a natural at soccer!

We have not seen some of our friends in a while...BFF's....

Shibley Smiles


JDaniel4's Mom said…
What wonderful books! The Lego program looks like so much fun. My nephews would love it.

Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.
Heidi said…
Love the Lego program, where did you find it?

It seems as though soccer as a popular sport! I was just reading another blog with soccer in their week, and our 8 year old son plays travel year round!

I am new to the NOBH crew. I wanted to stop in and say hello, as well as thank you for linking up to NOBH!

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