School Prize Basket & Giveaway Winner

In our homeschool if you do great on a test or accomplish something really hard, you get to pick a prize from the "prize bin".  This year it's a prize basket since the cardboard "box" was getting beat.  I replenished with all kinds of great stuff!  Included this year are also "coupons" for various fun things...extra hour up at night, extra 30 mins on the computer etc.  

Do you have any kind of reward system at your homeschool?

So sorry for not posting this earlier


Kristie over at Kristie's Notes. 

Kristie, I have your email and will contact you today!


Be watching on our Facebook page...once we hit 200 we will have an awesome
giveaway for you all!


Cindy said…
Oh, I love the prize basket. I may have to start doing that. I don't like to bribe, but my oldest son is very, very motivated by stuff. Come to think of it, so was I!
Honest Mommy said…
We don't homeschool but I do have a prize bag for them... they can 'buy' stuff using our Family Dollars that they earn from helping around the house, doing their chores, going above and beyond. This year we were thinking of using tickets for them to get when they do well in school...which can in turn be used to buy a prize.
We do prizes in our home as well. I plan to eventually move from prize basket to "store" when we are ready to start really ralking about money.
Tracy said…
Awesome basket and congrats to your winner! I don't do prizes much sometimes because I don't want extra "stuff" laying around the house, but my kids would love the incentives! :) Thanks for sharing on NOBH!

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