Signs of Fall - Comfort Food!

I know Fall is around the corner. I can feel it in my bones!  I am starting to feel it in my waist!  I went on Weight Watchers in March and so far lost 31 pounds, however, in the last 3 weeks I have gained 5 back!  YIKES! I will admit I look forward to jeans, long sleeve shirts, sneakers, UGGS, bonfires and of course Fall time cooking!  I started this week by making something so simple yet sooo yummy!  Apple Tarts

Three ingredients...pie dough (I buy chilled and prepared), cinnamon sugar and apples...

Fried apples from Cracker Barrel...they are the best for pies and tarts!
(If you dont have real apples in season)

Pillsbury pie crust (yes I cheat, semi homemade..)

Some cinnamon and sugar

fold into pillows and brush with egg whites

bake at 350 until brown...serve warm over ice cream...


What are some of your Fall time favorite meals or comfort foods?


Jamie said…
ok,you go girl.You are lossing and I feel like I am not loosing at all but staying in one spot.Maybe I need to join,I just hate to spend that $$$$,tight wad lol

Those apple pies look so simple and sweet.

Keep busy but safe
Honest Mommy said…
That looks super yummy and super easy!! I didn't know they had apples in a jar like that...

I will have to try but I am that nut that has to make the dough from scratch:) ha ha ha and will probably make the apple filling from scratch too...yup...just call me Ms. Nutter:)
Lisa said…
Yum! And way to go with your weight loss! I once lost 30 pounds on WW, but that was years ago and I gradually gained it all back. Every stinking pound! The plan is a success, I was the failure! I'm back on it now but my body isn't responding like it did years ago. Getting older and going through menopause so early is working against me. But I'm still trying. :)

How on earth did you manage to lose so much during all those fabulous parties you've thrown? I'm impressed!

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