Sunny Friday & Field Trip

Finally, Thank you Lord, the rain has stopped and the sun came out. I don't know how Noah and company did it, but our little town is still in recovery mode, pray for our town please! 

Today, as a tradition, I take the kids to Chuck E Cheese (aka CEC).  We go early when they open and like always, had the place to ourselves for a while (we feel special like the place is shut down to outsiders for a  We also went to Pet Smart to say hi to our furry, feathered and scaly friends...then home for some more school..

Our stop at Pet Smart  - kids were cracking up at the hamster on the wheel running for his life...

Chuck E Cheese time

Molly won the Jackpot of 100 tickets on her 1st try!

Sammie is my ride girl!

We even brought a treat home for our cat...

What we studied today...

Zachary had his 1st spelling test of 2nd grade...

Score 100% and his handwriting was A+!

Molly working on some jigsaw puzzles on line.

Started our Endangered species studies...1st animal for September

The Giant panda...

found this lapbook over at Homeschool Share.

Panda bear craft with our paper plates

Found these panda cookies at Target in Syracuse...they were yummo and so appropriate!

Interesting creatures...loners, meat eaters, although bamboo makes up 90% of their

TGIF...this weekend is a catch up weekend! 

Don't forget to link up your favorite Fall recipe at our new linky party
Fall Friday!

I posted an easy but delicious apple salsa recipe!

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