Went home for a visit....

I just can't wrap my head around that August is behind us. August went by me with a blurr.... I am recovering fine from a bad case of strep throat and trying to get the house back in order from being sick and then away for 3 days.  I went back to Syracuse for the Great New York State Fair and to see friends. My mother went with me and we had a blast!  Here are some highlights...

some of my bestest friends from my childhood

such fun with these guys....DJ Buck and Michael P. Ryan (both childhood friends - Mike was my 1st boyfriend ever...LOL) 
Mike is a singer/songwriter/guitar player and has CD's out....great music.
Check out his site!

state fair

DId you know that cows sleep just like dogs....curled up...

thought this was cute..my daughter is Molly and her b'day is April 5th...

this is what I pre ordered for my hubby for being so awesome...LOL

This sand sculpture was too beautiful for words for sure...

Butter sculpture

my awesome sausage sandwich...lol...what thousands of people get at the fair

me and the mascot

So now I am unpacking, putting away and getting ready to go away for the day with my 
hubby and friends to Bethel Woods  - to see Elton John - can't wait!


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