When the naps stop 8(

So a few days ago my 2 year old decided to give up her pacifier (aka her "BOT"). She decided on her own and threw them out (of course we kept a few in case).  She is doing great, not asking for them at all. However, she has now stopped her naps (a bad trade off for mommy..lol).  I think that the "bots" helped her get to sleep...but now, she is falling asleep anywhere around 4 pm (too late for our house)...here is where I found her today at 3;55 pm.

In her ballet outfit, finishing up school work...lol


Anonymous said…
oo boo on the falling asleep so late.. but yay on the no pacier!
Oh, that is so cute! I love how the pencil is still in her hand.
Kelli said…
that is adorable!! when my four year old doesnt get his nap in that is usually how he is about 6 pm!! i always try to make sure either he gets a nap in or i find a way to keep him up then let him crash earlier then he does for bed!
Summer said…
Awwwww, that is so cute!
Tina said…
Oh so cute. <3

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