Wordless Wednesday

(we need this at our driveway)


Michelle said…
So pretty!
When I lived at home, our house came up to woods and we would see deer sometimes in the mornings. So lovely!
melismama said…
Yes they are pretty, however we are so over populated with them right now...the leave us "presents" all over the yard to pick up! I dont even have a dog to pick up after!
Anonymous said…
lol I had to laugh at your picking up after them comment! My parents live in a gated community (on a lake) and they get over populated there. They have to bring in the SWAT team from the local city and hunt them ever so often. If they don't they starve.. you can see their ribs really sad! My Dad has a little spring loaded air gun and he shoots them if they come in his yard :-P If he doesn't do this they eat all of their plants and climb up on their 2nd story deck!
oh, wow! I have never seen so many!

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