10 things my Relevant Roomie Should Know

It's almost here, the Relevant Conference 11 - I can't wait! I am joining other Relevant Conference attendees over at A Life In Need of Change where Brooke is having a little party!  Attendees are getting together and sharing 10 things that their Relevant Roomates (providing you are rooming with someone) should know about them.  I am rooming with my friend Sharon, over at Hiking Toward Home. Here are some things she really should know..

(A few more than 10..)

  • First and foremost I am a Daughter of God
  • Second, I am a devoted wife
  • Third, a mother of 4 awesome children whom I home educate (3 of them)
  • I am a cancer survivor (I should write a book really on my life's events)
  • I have seen Jesus Christ personally ( he appeared to me in my bedroom while I was very ill)
  • I love to throw a party (think I might be a little addicted to throwing parties)
  • I have NEVER tasted Coffee in my life (tea drinker, sorry Sharon)
  • I love to help out others in need
  • I struggle with perfectionism
  • I can't leave my bedroom in the a.m. unless my bed is made (even hotel rooms)
  • Fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year, especially where I live in NY
  • I love to take pictures!
You can find me at:

Twitter:  @JoysHomeEducate


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