10 things my Relevant Roomie Should Know

It's almost here, the Relevant Conference 11 - I can't wait! I am joining other Relevant Conference attendees over at A Life In Need of Change where Brooke is having a little party!  Attendees are getting together and sharing 10 things that their Relevant Roomates (providing you are rooming with someone) should know about them.  I am rooming with my friend Sharon, over at Hiking Toward Home. Here are some things she really should know..

(A few more than 10..)

  • First and foremost I am a Daughter of God
  • Second, I am a devoted wife
  • Third, a mother of 4 awesome children whom I home educate (3 of them)
  • I am a cancer survivor (I should write a book really on my life's events)
  • I have seen Jesus Christ personally ( he appeared to me in my bedroom while I was very ill)
  • I love to throw a party (think I might be a little addicted to throwing parties)
  • I have NEVER tasted Coffee in my life (tea drinker, sorry Sharon)
  • I love to help out others in need
  • I struggle with perfectionism
  • I can't leave my bedroom in the a.m. unless my bed is made (even hotel rooms)
  • Fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year, especially where I live in NY
  • I love to take pictures!
You can find me at:

Twitter:  @JoysHomeEducate


Christin said…
Did you go to Relevant last year. I swear I remember seeing you there! :)

It's going to be a blast!
Beth said…
Don't worry about the coffee. There'll be plenty of tea at Relevant.

Can't wait to meet you in a couple of weeks!
Christine said…
Love learning more about you!! ANd it does sound like you have had an amazing journey. I'd love to hear more about it!! Hope we get the chance to meet!
Mrs.Haggie810 said…
You sound like so much fun! What an amazing life you've had! You are truly blessed!

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