Going Batty!

It's the 3rd Week of October and I feel we still have so much to cover on our school schedule. I know it's just going to happen since I am away 3 days next week. 

Today we started our Bat unit, had some playtime at a Farm Market and art was using or cookie cutter stampers!  I needed to get corn stalks and large pumpkins for our HUGE Halloween Bash this weekend....

Farm Market morning

PreK and K


Did you know that bats are put into two categories:

and Megabats

They can also fly up to 60 MPH!

Bat daubers fun

Scholastic work - bat questions

More dauber fun - found these cute print outs 


Great book about this Bat who wanted to play soccer with these other teams. 
Team "A" the animals
Team "B" the birds.
You see he thought that the "A" team would win because they looked stronger
However the "B" team could fly...
Great outcome..great book..encourage you to go seek it out at your library!

2nd Grade

New Chapter book for the week

The True About Bats

This is the book he finished up on Friday...then got on line today and took his quiz.

Bat Facts reading by Scholastic.

Our Craft today
Using a ghost and a cat cookie cutter, we dipped them into paints
and used like stampers on our paper. Cute project and easy

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Anonymous said…
Looks like a ton of fun! I hate bats.. had one get into Tim's house when we were dating and it totally freaked me out :-P
Colleen said…
That looks awesome! I get a lot of great dauber printouts at http://www.dltk-kids.com/type/bingo_daubers.htm
JDaniel4's Mom said…
I am really like your painting craft!
Abby was just telling me that she wanted to go on the Magic Treehouse website. We'll have to check it out. Fun bat activities...I miss homeschooling.
Mary said…
I love Scholastic books - we have several of the Vocabulary Science Readers. How can I subscribe to the Scholastic Reader newsletter you have pictured???
Lynda said…
I love all the photos you share. It really adds to what you are doing in your homeschool. Thank you for linking up at NOBH.

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