Meet my other Relevant Sponsor

IF you saw my post on Wednesday you were aware I had two sponsors for the Relevant Conference coming up!  Today I am crushing on Joanna Barbuto!  She represents Premier Designs Jewelry!  I have a jewelry box full of her products. The Christian theme runs throughout the line and that is what appeals to me!

Joanna Barbuto is a woman with many interests.  Presently, representing Premier Designs, she takes the beautiful jewelry into homes and businesses with the goal to enrich the lives of each and every person she meets.  Premier Designs is a privately owned, debt-free company based in Dallas, Texas.  The owners started the company 26 years ago to help raise money to support mission work.  Biblically based, Premier Designs believes in service, honesty, and providing a great product.  She admits that it is a wonderful bonus to be able to wear all of her samples.  Being in the jewelry business for over 4 years has given her a lot to choose from!  Earning 50% of everything she sells, has been a blessing in her life as well.  Joanna retired from the industrial design field to start a decorative painting company, Picture Perfect Design in 1998.  Her online portfolio is accessible on Facebook under the company name.  Both professions give her the flexibility to make her own hours, which was important when her two daughters were younger and also today, now that she is involved with her church’s outreach team.  She and her husband, John, live in Warwick, NY and have successfully raised daughters Jamie, now married, and Jillian who is in college and living in New Paltz, NY.

She has given me some beautiful jewelry items to giveaway at the Relevant Conference!  Attendees - be ready with your Twitter handles!


Rebecca said…
What an awesome sponsor! I wish I was going and would be able to meet you!!! I know you are going to have a wonderful time and I can't wait to read all about it!

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