Community service in our homeschool

Important to our family (and our school) that we show compassion for others.  (Watch for a guest post on this very topic in a few weeks)  Each year the children look forward to the day when we go and drop our toys in the local Toys for Tots box at the Post Office.  Each year we enlist one of the Postal workers to accompany us to the box.  

We were the 1st people to donate to this box which made the kids kind of sad 8(  They
thought that it would at least be 1/2 way full. Zachary wanted us to go buy
more to put in the box. lol

be watching this week for more community involvement and helping out

What do you do to help out others in your area?


Theresa said…
Your kids are So cute, I love it!!

We do Toys for Tots too. Also the girls each pick a name from the Jessie Tree at our church. We also give to FISH Hospitality - a program for the homeless that our church is part of. This year we are following mary's lead and focusing less on gifts and more on donations.
La Donna said…
We just bought a turkey tonight for our mom's group to give toward a family in need of help with their Thanksgiving dinner. We have also enlisted our freezer as the mom's group storage so every day we get something added to the freezer I get to show the kids how all that food is going to help a family who is needing to be blessed. It is really cool to see my oldest at an age to where he really understands. Thanks for posting this Melissa.

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