Day 2 of community service

This week we are helping out others in some community service. Yesterday we went to the Post Office to drop our Toys for Tots donations.  We also had the chance to finally drop off all the food donations that were collected at our Annual Halloween Bash (we asked guests to bring food donations for our local Food Pantry).

Our food pantry in town is only open Thursday mornings and it's been difficult
to get over there.  However, at the library we noticed they were collecting
for the same food pantry in our town. We ended up filling
their box (and then some) and the food was to be picked up this Sunday!  
All worked out!

Kids are taking donations from our two huge boxes and filling the library box.

Made the kids (and the library) very happy!

You can read all about our experience last year with the Food Pantry
and how the children raised money to donate. It's an inspiring story
to say the least!  Check it out HERE! and the results HERE!


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