2011 Party Round up and link Up

2011 was the year of the Parties at the Newell home!  I went all out, go BIG or go Home was my motto!  In checking the "stats" at Blogger I noticed that all the parties I hosted were the all time most viewed posts so thought I would do a round up for you all and give you the opportunity to link up your FABULOUS 2011 parties!



Molly's 4th Ballerina Birthday Party (top viewed post of all time)

May (my goodness I was busy in May)


Backyard Birthday Beach Bash (my most involved party yet)



As I posted about at our Halloween Bash party post, this will be our 1 HUGE party each year from now on.  No one believes me, but its true!  I can't do as much for 2012 as I did for 2011 for many reasons..

I love to see all your parties and playdates and encourage you to link them up! 

This will stay open for the month of December so have fun!


Amy said…
So many great party ideas! You are so creative. Thanks for linking up with NOBH! Smiles -
Tracy said…
Great idea Melissa to showcase all your parties and share the Linky love :) I'm linking up some of my parties and I'm wondering what you will do with all your "free" time in 2012 without so many parties planned? :) Enjoy your well deserved break from party planning :)

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