Brownie Sundaes - Waffle Style

EZ Breezy as Parcheesi..

(not pictured was PAM Cooking spray)

Oh they were sooo happy to eat these!

REMEMBER to spray some cooking spray between EACH brownie cooking
I forgot and batch two looked like this 8(

We are in NYC today with the family!  

Be blessed!


Anonymous said…
yum!! That looks tasty!
Mommarazzi said…
oooh they look good
Mary Prather said…
Oh. Yum. How long did the brownies take in the waffle maker? What a fun treat!!

Hope you had fun in NYC! Did you think of me at dinner? ;-)
Anonymous said…
these look tasty! i might have to try them out!
melismama said…
Mary, brownies took only as long as waffles would have. I have one of those indicator lights on it, about 3 mins maybe.

Yes thought of you last night at dinner.

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