Fun Filled Christmas Weekend

Whew...I need to recover today from a Fun Filled Christmas Weekend!  Friday night was our local tree lighting in town...then onto Breakfast with Santa on Saturday morning....then a Christmas Tree Cutting party....then onto Church for Pageant rehearsal finally onto Bubby's house to see her tree and some Christmas lunch...I know I am tired just typing was great!

Breakfast with Santa

Tree Cutting Party (Candy Cane Hunt)

Lunch at Bubby's House (and cookie decorating)

Bubby's Lego Christmas Village

Her beautiful tree.

Her other village pieces...would love to be small enough to fit inside..

Opening their Tegu blocks from Bubby - LOVE THESE!

On to cookie decorating..

Wonderful blessed weekend!  

Hope yours was also!


Jamie said…
So much fun filled activities,looks like a lot of fun.I have your card sitting here but no address I can't find yours(sorry)I will be on the lookout in the mail for your card.
Heidi said…
Looks like your family is getting the full lot of fun out of this holiday season! We love to cut our own tree every year. We have many great stories that have come from doing it! Thanks for sharing with us at NOGH!
Anonymous said…
What an awesome weekend!! Looks like the cookies were really decorated!

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