The King's Christmas List

If this book is not part of your "library", I would suggest you put it on your list for Santa!  We heard about it last year and ran out and bought it. It's now a tradition in our home.  Such a great story, I even get a little choked up reading it at certain parts!

After school we finally got a chance to watch The Grinch on the DVR.
The kids all received the Grinch flannel sheets from their Bubby a
month ago so we HAD to get the pillows out to watch!

What's one of your favorite Christmas Movies?


Anonymous said…
I will have to check out the book! We have watched it a couple of times this year.. but tomorrow we are having a movie marathon (The Grinch and St. Nicholas) tomorrow with some friends :-)
The Adventurer said…
I haven't heard of this book will look into it. Kids and I just watched the movie Grinch with Jim Carey the other day.:) Thanks for linking up to the NOBH
The Adventurer said…
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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