Our Week in Homeschool

What a busy week it's been!

Don't forget that Saturday night is a Lunar Eclipse. 
You can read more HERE!

Also we invite you to link up your 2011 Parties and Playdates HERE at our
wrap up party!

Loving all the FREE Christmas Printables out there in blogland!
You can check these out!

2 Teaching Mommies (Christmas Tree Lessons)
Over the Big Moon  (Nativity Preschool Lessons)
Confessions of a Homeschooler (Christmas Tree Lessons)
A Heart for Home (Christmas Pack plus bonus game)

Made our Reindeer Craft in conjunction with our Reindeer Unit from Simple Schooling
at CurrClick (which is on sale for $ .40 right now!)

Little Christmas Bingo
 (Playing each day until Christmas - prize is 1 Hershey Kiss 
and you would think it was gold the way the kids carry on if they dont win)

How about this Retro Christmas Tree that Sammie made from our
Magna Tiles!  (A favorite Christmas Gift!)

Story Hour at the Library

Yup just us homeschoolers there....

Zachary started and finished this book this week....

Made Christmas Ornaments and cards to bring to our
local Nursing Home to bring some joy to others

We also had a chance to bake our holiday cookies (at least 2 kinds) today for our
service people - postman, garbage guys, newspaper delivery person..

This weekend we have Christmas Pageant rehearsal on Saturday morning.... then hopefully
get our large tree...Hubby and I have date day in the afternoon (can't wait) and then 
decorate our tree in the evening!

Sunday is the Christmas Pageant at Church, which Molly and Zachary are both in.
Then Molly and I have a Mommy and Me day out to see friends of ours
in the Nutcracker Ballet!  Exciting happenings!

A little "eye candy" for you this season....incredible!

Be blessed!


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