Scenes from Our Christmas Brunch

We asked our neighbors to come join us on Christmas afternoon for a brunch.  A great time (and full bellies) were had by all....

Hot Chocolate Bar
(purchased printables from Shindig Parties to Go)
(and for those of you keeping track, it wasn't a Party, just a

These cute printables were FREE over HERE.

Using my tablecloth from the Baseball Party we had over the summer...worked well with the
candycane theme.

Of course I forgot to take a picture of the bar filled with all the brunchie food...oh well...

On to the clean up....


Anonymous said…
What a fun brunch! I had a dream last night that we went to the zoo with you guys :-)
melismama said…
Thanks Lindsay - oh would love for you to take a trip North and come to the Bronx Zoo with us...anytime my friend!
Thanks so much for sharing your link with me. What a fun party -- looks like you've been busy!

Amanda Parker
Shindig Parties To Go
Thanks for sending me a link to your post! Such a cute Christmas brunch! Hope that you had a Merry Christmas! I will link back to you on my Facebook Page.
Lisa said…
Do you ever tire of being so darn creative? Please rub off on me!!! Everything looks so yummy and beautiful! Looks like you had a merry, delicious time! :)

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