Colorful Snowflakes and Cookies

I love to subscribe to Homeschooling blogs and when the posts come right into my INBOX I knew we HAD to make these!  Our craft idea today comes from Mom To 2 Posh Lil Divas!

Coffee Filter Tie Die Snowflakes

What we read after our craft...

In the afternoon I made some of these cuties to bring to a Moms Night In
tomorrow night - GAME NIGHT! 

(Being on Weight Watchers, I am trying hard to really watch
all I eat and these are small enough  not to feel guilty and 
have a few!)

Made some BIG hearts for the kids to nosh on...

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Have a wonderful day and BE BLESSED!

Fun Stuff Fridays


Love the coffee filter snowflakes. Those cookies look yummy! What kind are they?
melismama said…
Hi, they are sugar cookies with a glaze on top....conf. sugar, milk and vanilla, I added a gel color...thats it...YUMMY!
so cute! Thanks for the shout out & I LOVE seeing what your littles made!

BTW, those cookies look like I could eat about 100 - so yeah, sinful! :)
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keitha said…
Fun snowflake activity! We love our Dot markers. Your cookies look delicious.
Anonymous said…
I love the snowflakes! We made something very similar this past weekend but we colored them w/ markers and sprayed them! Cookies like super tasty!
Jamie said…
Cookies R cute and look so goooood!
That is a great activity for those extra filters.

Sorry haven't been posting much you know how it is.

Are you guys ready for the BIG GAME,R U throwing the party or going somewhere.Downtown is completely changed for the Superbowl and they announced this morning that regular parking that was 1.50(3 hrs)is now $20 to 40.We will be missing this parking and all the great things they are having, so the game is the best on teh big screen here at home.
Vicky said…
Love the snowflakes. Don't you just love all the cool things you can with coffee filters? I am a new Pinterest follower visiting from Sun Scholars. Vicky from Mess For Less
Susan Case said…
What a wonderful blog! I'm following you from Clothes in the Dryer linky party. I hope you will visit me.
Coffee filter snowflakes are always a hit here. Visiting from Read-Explore-Learn.

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