Snowball Shooters and Lost Mittens

The snow has come and gone here 8(   Sad because we are THAT family who loves the outdoors and loves the Winter months.  Usually here in Southern NY we have snow and it's stuck by now, however, this year seems to be out of the norm. 

  SO that being said, it was high time we had an INDOOR snowball fight!  Good Ol' fashion one!   First we created these mini marshmallow poppers (aka snowball launchers)  then we went to town!!  (found this over at Real Simple (after pinning on Pinterest) Snowballs were mini marshmallows!

FUN FUN!  Easy to make!

School today
  finally back into the swing of things...
all children are feeling much better 
(thanks for all the healing prayers!)

Children had to sort words by Nouns and Verbs..then use each in a sentence properly.

Just a pic of our school table...not always

Rarely do I get a geuniune smile from Zachary...when I's picture perfect!
He was laughing at the sentences he was making with his verbs and nouns.

Molly wanting to try cursive writing...

Sammie working on some Snowy Day Printables that I made
into a lapbook for Sammie.

Science today - learning about why and how water freezes.

Not seeing double? 
 I have two copies of this book so Zachary and I took turns reading to the girls.
Great Story!

Be Blessed and have a wonderful weekend!

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Carrie Roer said…
How fun! I'm in mid-Michigan and our winter has been very wacky! It's currently 40 degrees and sunny and almost no snow is left on the ground! Looks like you've had a great week. :) Thanks for linking up to NOBH!
JDaniel4's Mom said…
What fun! It is in the 60's today. We are hoping we still have a chance of snow this year.

Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.
Cindy said…
Those snowball shooters look so fun!!! My kiddos are going to love them...and probably be a little surprised that I'm giving them permission to throw food ;)
Anonymous said…
Looks like everyone had fun!! Love the marshmallow shooters!

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