Thankful Thursday

Posting quickly this morning to say we are a busy bunch over here the past few days. Hubby is sick, been working from home the past few busy....cold here...working on parties...I will catch ya all up soon!

Thankful that the kids got a chance to ski on Monday! Ski places are making snow since we don't seem to be getting any!

Have a blessed day!


Anonymous said…
Looks like they were all ready to go skiing! How did Molly do? I have wondered about taking Sammy soon!
noreen said…
Sounds like you've been busy! It is sad that the ski places have to make their own snow. It's been an odd winter.
melismama said…
Lindsay - yes Molly did awesome for her 1st time...even up the big mountain and the chair lift!

Noreen - Oh I SO agree with the odd Winter!

Thanks for stopping by ladies!
Rebecca said…
Oh, I want to go ski!!! I hope you have a ton of fun!

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