Birthday, a fire, push up pops, winnings and more....

Where did the last two weeks go?  Busy times here at The Joys of Home Educating!

My birthday festivities lasted for almost 2 weeks!  Started out a few weekends ago when my IRL Blogger Friend, LaDonna came in from Texas to stay with us for 4 days!  She has a great blog over at Santa Beso!  In addition to my "Sista from anothea Mista" friend Deb came in from Syracuse to spend time with our girls weekend also!  We did SO much in such a short period of time...NYC, coffee house, movie night, Chinese Food and so much more....

Kids and I met LaDonna at the airport - welcoming committee in place!

3 gals in NYC at 30Rock Cafe for brunch.

LaDonna and moi at the coffee house - great music that night!

The gals and I went into NYC to See Jim Brickman perform - nice Meet and Greet later on!

Hubby making us ladies - homemade Chinese Food!  YUMMO!

80's Night Roller Skating!  FUN TIMES!

Few nights later - we had a Chimney Fire in the fireplace chimney
Everyone is fine - reacted quickly and efficiently!  Thank you Lord.

I won this over the last two weeks from Cupcake Stand!  Oh Happy Day!

Even though Hubby treated all us gals to NYC the weekend before, I still received some very special gifts for my b'day!

This arrived over the last two weeks - you MUST check out Pizzazzerie if you have not!
Courtney works her magic with a plethera of Push-up-Pop recipes and the pictures
will make you gain 10 pounds just reading it!


a new adventure is about to begin for new planner
arrived from (more about this later this week)

Some highlights from my Casino Themed Birthday Party on Saturday Night
(oh what a night!)

(notice my new cupcake/cake pop/push up pop stand)

Whew....I am tired just reading all this...

today hubby leaves for the week for California for work - so it's momma
and the kids!  Pray for me! lol

Be Blessed and Loved! (I know I am!)


La Donna said…
Oh my goodness! It ALL looks like so much fun! How exciting that I got to share in the first half of your birthday festivities!!! I love you so much! What a great friend you are, and to know that it's because of blogging we were brought together!!! How awesome is that!?!?!

I for sure will pray for you while the hubs is away. I've been there before where I'm both mom and dad. Whew! It is HARD work honey! Makes me so grateful for the hubs when he comes home!!! LOVE YOU!!!!
Anonymous said…
What fun!! Looks like you had a great 2 weeks!! Can't wait to hear about the new planner ;-)
Melissa ~ I can't wait to see how your new adventure turns out - you are going to have some blessed clients - I know that for sure!!

I was worn out reading your post, too. You always make me smile, though!
Jamie said…
WOW,that is all I can think of is WOW./You gals kept busy and it looked like lots of fun!!!!!
The "new planner" is going to be full of excited ideas,I am sure of.

Sounds like you had another great birthday.
Your Rock Mama M~
Maurice.W said…
Its a good thing that you were able to put that chimney fire out, if not that would have been a catastrophe.
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Len Sandler said…
Your house looks lovely, I'm sure people really love your place when there's a party.
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