Let's Hear it for the Boys

Linking up for the first time with the M.O.B. Society and Let's Hear it for the Boy's Linky party going on!  Do you have something special or a story you want to brag about regarding your boys?  Do it!  

Zachary is such a smart and talented young man.  His imagination and engineering mind when it comes to machines and LEGOS just amazes me!  He has build some pretty awesome things using his Legos...I want to brag about that today!

He is always thinking up something to make out of various misc. bricks.

this was a moving elevator he made out of LEGO Education pieces

some of his favorite kits from LEGO Education

He submitted a piece into the LEGO EDUCATION CHALLENGE in 2010. The theme was
Renewable Energy. He made a Police station that ran on solar power.

His DESIGN BY ME kit. He designed this on the computer and then
his Grandma bought the plans, and they ship you the LEGOs and plans in your own
box. Pretty Cool!


He helped build this BIG APPLE by building a red brick to put into it.

Can't let a birthday go by without having a LEGO Themed one!

Just having fun with LEGOS

As you can tell by the picture, he was about 5 here..this was one of his 1st very hard
kits - Star Wars - even at the age of 5 he put this together! 

If you ask him "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  He will say
"A Lego Deisgn Master"

We are going to LEGOLAND in Orlando in October and he can't wait!

On to my other son, the 1st born.!

(seen here with his girlfriend, Kerri)

I am so proud of who he has become. Being a single mom for most of his youth
was certainly not easy, but we made it thru!   He has a great job, great head on his shoulders 
and is going places for sure!  

Love you babe!


Marcy said…
I have a Lego-lover at my house, too. I need to check out the Designed by Me it. I didn't know about that!


Mystic_Mom said…
Lego rules in our house and we love it so! Thanks for sharing your photos of the Lego builds. Great stuff, isn't it? Sweet to include your big boy as well...nicely done Mama!
Anonymous said…
Love all of his lego creations!! What a bright boy you have!
Tammy said…
Lego loving boys here, too. Even though they're older, they still drag them out to build with.

Thanks for sharing!!

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