Superbowl 2012 - 2 parties in 1

The Super Bowl has come...and gone...a good time was had by all! 

I was able to create 2 parties in 1!

The Children's Party 

(where they could be loud and have fun - even though the game was on)
I used ZERO Money to create this party 
(other than food and drinks)

THEME: Green & Brown - Football Generic Colors

Each child received a Super Bowl Ticket to wear. A friend of ours thought
they were real!

In The Kitchen - Pretty much the "moms" were in and out of this food area

White Sangria - LARGE Bottle of White Wine, Lemons, Limes, Oranges, 5 shots of Gin, 
3 cans of Sprit

Kids party area - other side of the Kitchen - table was low for them to have it all at their reach
(Used a piece of Green Felt to made the football field and brown paper (dollar store) to
go under it. Made the tissue pom poms with left over Christmas Green Tissue Paper)

The Kids made cards for Valentine's Day for us to bring over to the Nursing Home.


Sammie got real into the singing!

You see al lthe paper hanging up on our school boards behind the kids.
These were printable BINGO Cards that had the Super Bowl Commercials categories
on them. The Moms had fun crossing them off...

Green Cups I had gotten at Pick Your Plum a while ago and worked
well for this event.

The Adult Themed - Downstairs Party
(In our family room)

Used the Team, white and blue
Pulled things from my home to create a themed mantel

Used one of my chalkboards to make up a playboard

Hubby has to have a TV over the bar area also (lol)

I used indoor/outdoor carpet piece that i Have used for many other parties
(Easter, Baseball etc)

All in all everyone had a great time!  Now time to clean the mess up and get decorated for Valentine's Day!

Be Blessed!

Confessions of a Stay At Home Mommy

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Football Subway Art
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Superbowl Bingo Cards
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You have so many gifts - but I think the gift of hospitality is definitely your ministry, Melissa. This looks like SO MUCH FUN!!

I'm sure everyone is worn out today!
Lindsay said…
So much fun! I hope you had a great time!
Genevieve said…
Wow, that looked like a blast. I love the idea of creating a party within a party so that the kids can feel like they are part of the celebrations too.
Bird said…
Thanks for linking up hon!! yes, the fun aspect is so evident in the photos! Totally love it! :)
Andrew said…
OMG I love the felt (?) table cloth with the numbers on it, thats adorable, festive and so easy to make!

I am so happy to see someone else using bingo cards for superbowl parties, they are so much fun! I've gone through for my cards. I know i could just make them myself, but it's easier just to have someone else do it for me :D

Next time you have a party, instead of using a glass water dispenser, try using something like this Watermelon Fountain it's a bit extra effort, but it's really neat and the kids will love it!

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