Thankful Thursday

Today is sunny bright breezy end of February suppose to be Winter but it's more like Spring Thursday!  

We were outside all morning - energy to burn! 

So Thankful for the Spring like weather today!

My birthday, yesterday, was awesome!  Besides some wonderful gifts (The Help and an IPad)  I went out to lunch with my mom and family - and dinner!  Also got my annual Mamogram!  Why not do it on your birthday - a great way to remember! My gift to myself so to speak!

(BTW - would love for some apps suggestions for the kids for school!)

This weekend is busy with a small party for myself (yes I even throw my own party) on Saturday night and our Annual Daytona 500 Party at a friends house.  Busy busy busy...I am also working on 4 parties at once!

 Here is a sneak peak at Sammie's 3rd b'day coming up in May!

Can you guess the theme?

Be Blessed!


Tammy said…
Happy Birthday!!
Andrea said…
We love the dissection apps, also Aliens vs Presidents and Stack the States:-) Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday!
Anonymous said…
What fun! Great gifts.. we have an android based tablet so no app suggestions from me :-P Are fairies the theme?
Congrats on the iPad - you're gonna love it!

Happy Birthday again!
Honest Mommy said…
Just finished reading The Help.. must borrow the movie:)

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