Time-out for "ME" time

I love being a stay a home, home educating, do-it-all for my children and husband kinda mom.  There does come a time when the balancing act gets a little too "heavy" on one side. 

That is when I KNOW I need a time out from my every day responsibilities and duties and let my hair down.  This week is THAT week!  I can't tell you in words how excited I am to be having some "girl time" towards the end of the week! 

 These two ladies will be a guests in our home.  

My gal pal, Deb!  We have been friends for over 15 years. Deb is such a great friend and so kind to our children. She travels 3 hours each way to come and bake all our children's birthday cakes!  She is so talented. Not only with her baking talents, but God has given her the gift of singing!  Oh man she is good!  

LaDonna!  My Sista from another Mista (I have several of these types of friends).  We have so much in common and the only way to describe our friendship (which has been under a year) is to say it's OF GOD and FROM GOD

 The way in which we met is a story you MUST read! 

 I encourage you to hop over to her blog Santa Beso  and check it out!

LaDonna, is leaving her husband and her children for 4 days to hop on a plane from Texas to NY to come see me and spend quality time together!

I have so many wonderful, fun, girly things planned for us!  We will be going here...

and seeing HIM in concert!

My husband has planned a wonderful dinner (he is making for us) one night and so many other fun things!

My blogging will probably be a less from Thursday - Monday this week!

I ask you to pray for the safe travels of these two women and that the weather is sunny and nice for our outings!  Also pray for LaDonna's family back in Texas that they will be safe without her there. 

Pray for Deb's parents, as she does help care for them, that they will be ok and without any incidents while she is away!

Thanks in advance!

Be Blessed!


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