Flashback Friday

It's been a busy, fun, exciting, tiring week around here!  

The weather has sparked our enjoyment for nature! 

We had field trips this week, playdates, park time and more....

Monday - park playdate with friends....

Tuesday - Field Trip to the Walkway Over the Hudson River 
(some of the same friends joined us as Monday)

Zachary stopped and read all the signs to the younger kids..

Picnic on the bridge - very high up!

Kids were all watching a train go by on the banks of the river...

Had to find time to fit some SPRING teachings in there too...

Little crafting with our Celery Flowers 
*thinking Mother's day cards art work?

Thursday - Field Trip - Pennsylvania
(We went last year and had such a great time...see HERE and HERE for those posts)

Friends of ours played Host for the day - their house overlooks the entire pond..

She opened her store just for little ol' me...
(made a decent "donation" to the store with my purchases...lol)

Some of my favorite antiques 
(besides what i purchased which is for another post later!)

Cant you just imagine who might have played with her 
and used this tin high chair?

Little Fancy Nancy here...LOL

Horse feeding time...

Our walk on one of the many trails by one of the many lakes

Look what we found -  Beaver teeth marks...

I cant believe they actually can do this to such a huge tree..
that stump was COVERED in sap

Across this pond, you cant see it well but there is a HUGE
Beaver Den...

Down by the beach (mind you this lake was frozen not long ago this Winter)

Yup - she went under...LOL...

We had such a great time this week - busy weekend and next week I decided last minute
I am taking the kids for 2 days and a night to Mystic, CT for a field trip!

SIDE NOTE:  Sammie is potty trained and we are DONE with Diapers!  Thank you Lord!

Have a wonderful weekend and Be Blessed!

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Mary said…
Wow! What an amazing jam packed and fun filled week! I am in awe!
La Donna said…
Oh! That looks like soooo much stinking fun!!! I love your house and where you live. There's so much to do and learning opportunities lurk around every corner.

That picture of Sammie made me laugh out loud very hard. You have got to tell me the story behind that one.

Big big big hugs to the entire Newell family. Love you!!!
MomLaur said…
Looks like lots of great outdoor fun! That antique shop - be still my heart! Love it! And every time I cut a celery up, I think "I should use these ends for painting..." and never have. I WILL now! :0) Visiting from TGIF!
Anonymous said…
Yay Sammie! What a fun week you guys had!!
Love the picnic on the bridge - what fun! And the celery flowers turned out great! Thanks for linking up to TGIF! See you tomorrow =-)
The Adventurer said…
Fun busy week. Loved seeing the beaver tree teeth marks. Thanks for sharing on the Home school field trip hop

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