We interrupt Dr Seuss to bring you St Patty's Day!

It's only 3 days until St Patrick's Day 
(also my FIL's birthday - it will be a hard one as it's only been 1 year since his passing)  

I decided to put aside the Dr Seuss teachings for a few days to learn about St Patrick and Ireland a little....

Craft today

I made the girls these paddles out of a paper plate and wooden spoon...they loved hitting the balloon around the house with them...


I love subscribing to Scholastic readers - I always have something in my bag of tricks from them on the themed fun!


Girls are making jewelry today!  On Sale they tell me...in their Etsy shop...LOLOLOL

We went to our last Library class for a bit and got outside and had some dirty fun!

I worked on Molly's party today also!  Coming up quick!

Hope you all had a fabulous day and Be Blessed!


Anonymous said…
What fun! Love the 4-wheeler picture!

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