Earth Day Activities and Ideas

Earth Day is fast approaching and like each year, we do something to celebrate (surprise surprise)

1.  EPA has a great program you can download or order for FREE. The Planet Protectors Club!  We have this unit and I LOVE IT!

2. has great resources for your print out and use!

3.  Some fun EARTH DAY crafts can be found HERE.

4.  Still more ideas if you are not filled up yet can be found HERE!

We made these Earth Crayons one year to hand out to our friends -  EZ PZ!  Use blue, green crayons, put pieces of the crayons into the bottom of your muffin pan, bake at 250 until melted and let cool.  You can use them and they are fun to give away!

Please share any Earth Day Crafts and ideas with us!

Be Blessed!


Anonymous said…
I think we are going to try and spend as much of the day outside as possible (minus church).

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