Earth Day Teachings - Monday

Would you believe it's in the upper 80's here in NY today!  I am sure setting all kinds of records!  We enjoyed some fun in the sun early on before it got too hot...then sat down for our book work and some Earth Week Fun!

Planet Protectors Club - ordered for FREE from the EPA

I made up these COMMITMENT sheets that we all filled out and signed. 

I found these cups (with lids) at our Dollar Tree. They unscrew and the lining comes out of the shell so the kids could make a picture. I put them all back together and they are their new daily cups instead of 4 each everyday! lol

Scholastic - Earth Day 

Started reading this great book (We will be reading The Lorax at the end of the week also)

We washed our quads today (they were DIRTY) and reused the water at the end to water
the roses.

Are you doing anything this week for Earth Week/Day?


Be Blessed!


Anonymous said…
So fun! I love the commitment sheets! I too have started to use less paper towels not only for the benefit to the earth but to save money! I just cut up a bunch of old t shirts and have bunch of rags for cleaning up spills and sticky messes. I then toss them in the washer and they get washed when I do the next load!
Mary said…
Great stuff! I gave up paper towels about two years ago. I went to Sam's club and bought a couple of bundles of "bar mops" and I keep them all in a drawer in the kitchen. I use them for mopping up spills from the counters to the floors, inside fridge etc. I wash them with the regular towels. Not sure how it impacts water usuage, but I am not buying and tossing tons of paper anymore so that saves me money!

I wish I could figure out how to subscribe to the Scholastic Newsletters you use!!
Melissa Newell said…
Mary -
Heidi said…
I LOVE identifiable cups so I don't have to keep washing for the kids!

We did The Lorax earlier this year and found so many great resources for it!

Thanks for sharing with all of us over at NOBH!

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