Easter Egg Hunt (Soggy year 2) and Palm Sunday

It was our 2nd Annual Children's Easter Egg Hunt yesterday!

  We have had record breaking heat for this time of year in our area and of course, we had temps 30 degrees below what they have been for the hunt 8( It seems to be a theme, rain and cold, for our hunts...but it did not keep the kids and parents away!

Two tents we set up...white tent (I called "The Wedding Tent"...The make shift tent - Redneck Easter Tent..)

450 eggs later...all was good...bonfire...good bbq and friends - that's all we needed!

Palm Sunday - Kids sang in front of all!

Time to finish the clean up and start getting prepared for my week!

Pirate Birthday Party next Saturday for Molly...never a dull moment!

Be blessed y'all!

Easter Egg Hunt - Party Printables by: Laura at Eye Candy Even Details


Dawn said…
What an amazing day.
Anonymous said…
ohh what fun!! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time despite the weather!

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