Fun Day Monday

Rain here in NY, but better than our western neighbors  in Buffalo and PA getting SNOW today!

Zachary and I started Story Parts know...characters, setting, plot and conclusion....I know he knows it all, but really never formally went over it.
Should be able to knock it off the list this week!

Fun Day Monday!

I bought one of these noodles at the Dollar Tree - sliced in 1/2 and then
added for hours today!

Little Banana Chocolate Milkshake and Banana Muffins for snack

They twisted and turned them different ways to see if the marble
would stay on or not.

Having fun with geography puzzles.


Some Stack the Countries ap time on the I Pad. 

Rainy day which forces us to be inside Thank God...we needed some inside time to regroup!
Busy week coming up!

Hope you had a great weekend and blessed week!

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