Milestone 100,000

How often to look at your "stats"?  
Do you really care where your blog traffic comes from?  
Or what people are interested in reading about on your blog?  

Today (as I try to do at least 1 time per week)  I checked the stats on the blog and we went over 100,000! Now that is a HUGE accomplishment, I think?   HOWEVER, after looking to see what posts got the most "action"...they weren't the homeschooling themed posts, they were the party and craft posts.  

Now I can look at this two ways...obviously I am happy and blessed that so many people stop by and read something that is on the blog, but I can't help but wonder, can I do something to increase the "numbers" on the homeschooling themed posts since this is the type of blog I have?
  I also "toy" with the idea of "should I have a party blog too?"  with tips and information and pictures of the party stuff - separated than the homeschooling one?  Can I add something else to my "plate"?

What do stats mean to you?  I would love your input on all this randomness I am throwing up at y'all...


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