Think Planet Earth this week - ideas and more!

I would hope you are thinking about the Earth and ways to improve it every day, but this week, pay more attention to Mother Earth as it's Earth Day on Sunday the 22nd.  

The children and I are diving right in today with many activities, science projects, recycling lists, ways to reuse and more.... 

Each day I will share with you what we are up to and hope you can come along and "join us" for our Week of Mother Earth!

One Charming Party has a cute party for you - printables included!

Some other ideas.....

This was taken in 2009 on Earth Day - we traditionally have friends over and go for a bug hunt.

We will be reading The Lorax this week (as I saved the book specifically for Earth Day Week instead of reading it during March for Dr Seuss Month - although we did see the movie in March when it came out)

A few years ago we made these cute Earth Crayons.
(Melt your green and blue crayon pieces in a muffin tin pan)

We also did this Science Experiment.. The Hairy Caterpillar.
Use about a foot long piece of panty hose, tie it off at 1 end (for the head of the Caterpillar),
stuff with a mixture of potting soil and grass seed, tie off a few segments to make it
look again like a Caterpillar, water it daily and watch it grow!  The kids can even trim it once 
the Caterpillar's hair gets wild.

Here are some other great websites with ideas, songs, printables and more:

Be checking back this week to see what we are up to...I hope you can find some ideas to bring into your "classroom"!

Be Blessed!

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