Monday Funday!

I was able to get all the herbs, veggies and flowers planted on Mother's Day and put
up onto our Deck Garden.

We read Mrs. Fickle's Pickles (so cute)

Worked on Molly's Summer Work Folders

Sammie - color match up!

I finally decided to separate Zachary and Molly.  Sitting
across from each other was just causing WAY TOO much 
fooling around...

All this rain we had last week, was a bummer....BUT it made the yard come
alive with green!

Molly is picking up on MATH just like her brother!  WIZ KIDS

We started this Spotlight on Literacy book with Zachary.

Reason number 999 why we LOVE work
can be completed in the Disney Princess dress!

Hope your day is BLESSED!


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