What a great weekend....recap and remembering

We bowled on Friday! (part of the Kids bowl Free Program)

Saturday we hosted an All American Old Fashion BBQ - You can see lots more pics HERE

Yesterday we attending our towns' short but sweet parade.

We also hosted another impromptu bbq with a few other families
after the parade..

Our Camping Buddies (bestest friends) came for a visit for the night!

Lots of water fun this weekend with the heat we got!

We had some "down" time for a bit to visit...

We ate A LOT!

We consumed a little...

We did some sparklers...

We watched some backyard fireworks

We had a little visit from the Police - apparently a neighbor complained about the fireworks.. 8(

We remembered those who gave their life so WE COULD DO ALL THESE
FUN THINGS this weekend!

Hope your week is blessed!


Anonymous said…
What a great weekend you guys had!! :-)
Looks like fun, Melissa! What a precious baby - I'm glad you got some down time to just visit.

I am really wanting to know about the pvc pipe water thingy I see in your pictures? Did you make or buy that??

Happy Monday, friend!
melismama said…
We did have a great time...

Yes my hubby made it...EZ BREEZY! I will get the "names" of the pieces from him and let you know.
Tina said…
Wish someone had gotten a picture of the visit from the police! LOL Good times. Love you guys!

P.S. The pic of the USA letters reminded me - I saw a jammie set that reminded me of Sammie at Target. It said USA - Usually Stays Awake! Too bad it was not in her size!

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