Science Thursday - Bees Vs Wasps - What you should know!

Our new Summer School schedule had us busy as bees today (lol) learning all about wasps vs bees and more about insects....I often mistake wasps for bees, when in fact they are not bees....

Did you know.....

Wasps and bees are often mistaken for each other, but knowing a few key features of both can help one tell them apart.

1.  Bees gather pollen and nectar from flowers to use as food for their offspring.

2.  Wasps are carnivorous and hunt for other insects or spiders, but some also visit flowers for nectar. 

3. Bees usually have very hairy bodies and pollen collecting hairs on their legs or under their abdomen to help them accomplish this task. 

4. Wasps tend to have few to no hairs at all because they don’t intentionally collect pollen.

Some bees look like wasps because they don’t have much hair on their bodies. They collect pollen and store it internally in their crop instead of on the outside of their bodies. Some other relatively hairless bees, cuckoo bees, don’t collect pollen because they lay their eggs in the nests of other bees. 

5.  Wasps usually have more elongate bodies, longer legs, and sometimes have what looks like a pinched waist, whereas bees usually look more compact. 

Found facts over at Berkeley's Website  there is a great chart on their site that shows different bees and wasps.  Maybe you are making the same mistakes as I did!  LOL

Love our Scholastic! 

Some pictures from our deck garden....the rain has not damped it yet!  thank God!

We are OFF tomorrow as it's Friday!  Going bowling!

Be Blessed!  

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