Tent Camping - Checklists and more....

As a child, I have fond memories of tent camping with my mom, dad and sister.  Fishing, staying up late, swimming and all that goes with this fun outdoor experience. 

I knew I wanted our children to have these same fond memories and adventures.  This is our third Summer camping and the kids look forward to it each time we go.   The first time was myself, our two older children (at the time ages 5 and 2) and my gal pal, Tina and her two boys.  We took them a few hours away to Jim Thorpe, PA.  

Moms and their kids...camping was fun!

The old town of Jim Thorpe had a lot to offer for a day in town. We took this
train ride into the gorge and saw some of God's handywork!

The groundskeeper at the campground thought it would be fun for the kids
to round 'em all up and take them for a ride...of course, BIG HIT!

Fishing!  A MUST!

Such beauty in nature....

We then decided that we would like a place closer to our home to camp and came across
(an hour away from home)
(these are all around the country!)

(This trip was myself, two of our kids and Tina, her boys and her husband  - my husband stayed home with our youngest)

We fell in love with the place...so clean and everyone so friendly...

Raise the flag...BoBo and kids...say the pledge...

Paddle boats and row boats available

Nature in abundance!  

It's not your "addveerraggge" place!

The following camping trip we knew we wanted BACK!

Now our entire family and Tina's family came!
Same place, same site!

Little Camping Lapbook...

It was 5 pm somewhere....LOL

OUR ROCK!  Yes, I said OUR ROCK!  We have requested,
and got the same site 3 times in a row and the kids love the rock!

THIS YEAR - we are back to Jellystone, with 2 exceptions...

Trying a different location this year...and Tina and her hubby have added a little one to their family!

Little Owen will be our youngest camper yet!  

We leave today!  Father's Day surprises ahead and of course a 
few camping celebrations to come....

Some of the camping lists that I use to ready ourselves:


Things we have learned along the way camping with little ones...

1.  No matter how many toys we bring, they hardly play with them....(limited to two toys per child)
2.  No matter how warm we think it will be at night, we still need a few extra blankets.
3. Pack a lot of variety of snacks.
4.  Bring something to do for some "down" time or "quiet" time in the tents before dinner.  
5.  If camping with friends, and you have two separate campsites, use one for cooking
and one for eating. We always separate these between our two sites. Kids are away from the camp
stoves and hot stuff. 

I would love to hear about your camping adventures and places you have been...

Be blessed and CAMP ON!


Tina said…
I loved that little walk down memory lane! <3

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